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Because of heroes like you, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan is on track to saving over 1,500 lives this year alone. Because of your support, the SPCA of Southwest Michigan has already adopted out more cats this year than any year prior! We are even on track to break the 600 mark!

Most of you know that we rescue animals that need a home, provide them love and care, and then find them homes through adoption. Did you also know that we provide pet food to the local food bank? We donate over 6,000 pounds of food annual to help those that struggle with food insecurity provide for all the loved ones in their home.

All of the animals in our community deserve compassion and a place in our hearts and a warm, loving home. Because of heroes like you, over 16,000 pets have found homes since the organization's inception in 2002. Together, we can continue to make our community better, one pet and one family at a time.

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